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    FACTION.name = "United Nations Soldier"
    FACTION.color = Color(0, 21, 255)
    FACTION.isDefault = false
    FACTION.models = {

    FACTION.weapons = {"fas2_m16a2","fas2_glock20", "fas2_mp5a5", "weapon_cuff_police"}
    United States Army Rules
    1. You must NEVER kill ANY Civilian without proper cause.
    2. Any Unauthorized Personnel are considered hostile and must be killed! They should NEVER enter the base without proper cause.
    3. Non-Commissioned Officers must ALWAYS train recruits whenever possible! Anyone lower cannot train.
    4. You must ALWAYS salute your Commissioned Officers/Generals whenever called to attention during formations. (NCO's will call attention once formation has started.)
    5. You will NEVER salute to an NCO, you stand at attention.
    6. Never kill allied forces, from other factions or your own!
    7. Never leave the base without proper cause.
    8. Never steal any vehicles or helicopters without authorization from an NCO or higher.
    9. Never disrespect your Commanding Officers! You can be court-marshaled!
    10. Always stay at your stationed post unless told to do otherwise.
    11. If there is unwanted guests at the gate, you may tell them to leave. If they do not comply, you can detain them (Military Police) or force them to leave.

    United States Army Regulations
    1. You must follow ROE, Rules of Engagement.
    (Never shoot unarmed Civilians)
    (Taliban are ALWAYS considered Civilians)
    (You must be stationed at your post at ALL times)
    (Never disobey orders)

    2. You are required to stay at your post at all times!
    (Infantry/Rangers/Special Forces - Main Tower in base or Entrance Towers)
    (Military Police - Main Gate or Secondary Gate)
    (Medics - Medical Tents)
    (Vehicle Operator/Drone Operator/Sapper/Pilot - Inside Base)

    3. You must always obey formations and respond to ANY formation called.
    (Formations can be called by only Non-Commissioned Officers and Commissioned Officers.)
    (You must ALWAYS salute your Commissioned Officers once called to attention - Which is done by an NCO.)
    (You must never speak when PTS - Permission To Speak - is active.)
    (You must never interrupt the speaker or disrupt the meeting.)
    (NCO's and higher are the ONLY allowed soldiers on stage, everyone lowers must be in formation)

    3. If you see a confused recruit, lead him to the nearest NCO or trainer. If none are on, train him yourself.
    4. Never ask for promotions!
    5. Never question orders from NCO's or CO's
    6. You must always refer your CO's as 'SIR'
    7. Gate Guards must ask for entry papers before entrance to US Base. If not, they are not to be allowed entry into base. If they enter, they are considered hostile no matter the faction without proper authorization from a CO.
    8. If anyone disobeys the Rules and Regulations, they can be demoted and court-marshaled!
    General Rules
    Do not disrespect staff.
    Do not RDM.
    Do not CDM.
    Do not TDM.
    Do not Metagame.
    Do not have a FailRP name or description. Keep it realistic and physical. EX: Jimmie Long Johnson. Description: Loves weiner and long walks in the park. <- FailRP
    Do not lie to staff. Ever!
    All actions in-game that are not breathing and walking, should be executed by /me.
    Always follow proper RP.
    FearRP is in effect when a player has a gun to you. EX: if you are defenseless and a player has a gun to your back, you are to RP being scared. Don't just run off. That's FailRP.
    Spam in ANY WAY will not be tolerated.
    Don't ask Staff to spawn weapons or ammo.
    Do not ask to be a certain faction, if you cannot be them automatically, they must be applied for.
    SeriousRP behavior is expected at all times. Failure to do so will result in a ban.
    Do not post any links in chat unless it's directing a user to our website.
    Do not advertise any other server.
    Do not break rules to stop rule breakers. Contact staff.
    No Racism.
    No form of sexual harassment.
    If associated with a player that has broken a rule you may be subject to equal punishment
    Faction Rules
    Factions must respect their chain of command at all times, failure to do so will result in a ban.
    Factions must follow orders given to them by their respective leaders and higher-ups
    Factions may not ally with each other, they may only have temporary cease fires. Certain exceptions can be made if approved by a Superadmin.
    Factions may not just randomly attack each other, even during war time. They must have a legit IC reason.
    Factions may not steal vehicles from each other.
    Higher ranking members need to train the new recruits, or face loss of rank.
    Loitering around/in the U.S. Base during Peace Time is considered FailRP. During Peace Time, both sides are to remain at their own bases unless there is a legit RP reason.
    NLR Rules
    NLR is 5 minutes. NLR Applies to situations like going back to the U.S. base as a taliban multiple times without a legit RP reason.
    NLR does not apply at faction spawns. This is to prevent spawn killers using NLR to get players in trouble.
    General Williams

    Captain Hill

    Commanding Officers
    Commander Wraithen

    Sergeant Zach
    Cadet Class
    no insignia
    Cadet First Class Loch
    Cadet First Class Cobran
    Cadet First Class Kane
    Cadet First Class Salvatore

    no insignia
    Cadet Brooks
    Cadet Andreas
    Cadet Smith
    Cadet Mabel?
    FACTION.name = "Head of The UPS"
    FACTION.desc = ""
    FACTION.color = Color(49, 77, 168)
    FACTION.isDefault = false
    FACTION.models = {

    FACTION.weapons = {"fas2_ragingbull"}
    ^ I have more if you wanna see them and look at them like you are little FBI niggas I may even make logs this time open to everyone to see. Days after not real-time logs
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  2. [23:59:12] 153A-WO1. Handcock to admins: can i have the unofficial wac helo? please n_n
    [23:59:20] 11B-PVT. Surge killed GlassVault using player
    [23:59:20] Brandon On Duty: // STOP ASKING HANDCOCK
    [23:59:22] ERIN killed 11B-PVT Jhon Belensky using player
    [23:59:25] 11B-MG. FLASH cleared decals
    [23:59:28] 153A-WO1. Handcock to admins: otay :,(
    [23:59:29] Brandon On Duty: // Learn to freaking fly then!?
    [23:59:31] Brandon On Duty: // Learn to freaking fly then!
    [23:59:36] ERIN<STEAM_0:0:97206204> spawned sent wac_hc_blackhawk_uh60
    [23:59:37] 11B-PVT. Phalin: /ooc ERIN's A meany with a peany
    [23:59:37] 153A-WO1. Handcock: // the back blade was gone and i lost control
    [23:59:40] Brandon On Duty: // Last helicopter NO MORE!

    Best thing i read.
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    This is beautiful
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    The context makes that better though.

    [15:22:55] Zola On Duty to admins: Erin what was the helicopter i need to use to get better?

    [15:23:18] Kariim Bedune to admins: fuckin little bitrd you stupid fucking downsey nigga
    [15:23:22] Kariim Bedune to admins: liyttlebird*

    [15:23:32] Zola On Duty to admins: Wow took you a long enough to right that big boy
    [15:23:35] Kariim Bedune to admins: littlebird*

    [15:24:00] Zola On Duty to admins: Downsey* Nigga* Bird* Stupid* Fucking*

    [15:24:13] Zola On Duty to admins: IT SHOOTS
    [15:24:15] Zola On Duty to admins: ._.

    [15:24:52] Kariim Bedune to admins: were droped on your head?

    [15:27:15] Zola On Duty to admins: I GOT THE HANG OF IT
    [15:27:27] Kariim Bedune to admins: you still suck

    [15:27:34] Zola On Duty to admins: Better than u

    [15:27:39] Kariim Bedune to admins: LOl

    tbh tho zola is a stupid fucking downsey nigga

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